High production capacities as well as
fast and sustainable delivery!

Production and delivery at the highest level

We offer high production capacities and deliver fast and sustainable!

The production of our blanks takes place in our ultra-modern production plants in China. Due to the size of the plants, we can also produce very high quantities in a very short time. Our current capacity is 200,000 m² per month for FR4, CEM-3 and IMS and 50,000 m² per month for flex boards. And this in an extremely high quality. In addition, we can also react very quickly and flexibly to customer enquiries.

Since most of our customers are in Europe, possible deadline bottlenecks are rather in the area of logistics by ship. The delivery by sea freight is usually 69 days and the transport by air freight is usually much too expensive. Here we offer today with the transport by rail an outstanding alternative. So we can reduce the transport time to 24 days. And we reduce CO2 emissions by 90%. It could hardly be more sustainable.

Certified Technology

The quality of our printed circuit boards is reflected in the following certifications and memberships.